Downtown Des Moines

Pet Guide

Downtown ❤'s Fur-kids!

This is your guide to find pet-friendly destinations in downtown Des Moines. Whether shopping in the East Village or looking for a place to live, our comprehensive pet guide will help you find what you're looking for!

Use the map below to find pet-friendly destinations in Downtown Des Moines. Look for the "Dogs Welcome" icon on doors or windows of dog-friendly downtown destinations!

We've also added some of our pet-friendly friends outside of our neighborhood.

Run out of poop bags while on your walk?  Click here to find the closest Operation Downtown bag dispensers!

  • Jett and Monkey's
    Jett and Monkey's
  • Pet Supplies & Services
    Pet Supplies & Services
  • Veterinarian Services
  • Attractions and Parks
    Attractions & Parks
  • Pet Adoption and Rescue
    Pet Adoption & Rescue
  • Patios & Bars
    Patios & Bars
  • Shopping
  • Hotel
  • Housing - Condos and Townhomes (owner-occupied)
    Housing -
    For Sale Properties
  • Housing-Rental
    Housing -
    Rental Properties

Something Missing?

Let us know if a pet-friendly patio, apartment, shop, or other destination needs to be added to our map!

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