What We Carry


Jett and Monkey's carries an assortment of toys, apparel, collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, blankets, bowls, grooming products and much more for your dog!  Many of our products are made in the USA or Canada.  Additionally, many of our products utilize eco-friendly and/or organic materials.  We also carry an assortment of cat toys and accessories.

We also carry the BEST in dog and cat nutrition!  Please visit our Pet Foods page for more information.

If you have any questions about products we carry, please call us at 515-244-4211.  We'll be happy to help!


Dodo_toy Toys, Toys and MORE toys!  Our canine friends seem to never have enough!  We offer several different kinds of toys, including those made from eco-friendly and organic materials.  We have toys that will suit a variety of breeds from large to small, including tuggers, squeakers and interactive products.

Beds and Blankets:

Jett and Monkey's offers three brands of beds, all made in the USA.  Bessie + Barney bagel beds are big, plush and provide the ultimate comfort for your dog.  West Paw Design offers many stylish, eco-friendly and organic beds in different shapes and colors.  Petsakes beds are also sold in our store, which are durable, machine-washable and locally made in Des Moines. All beds can be custom ordered in colors and styles that suit your needs.  Just ask our staff to see a swatch!  Our blankets are simply the icing on the cake for a great bed for your companion! bumperbeds


west paw Reknitz Jett and Monkey's offers several options for apparel for dogs.  Coats, sweaters, t-shirts and other fashions (seasonal) are available.

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses:

We have an assortment of collars, leashes and harnesses that'll match the color and size of almost any dog, which are all made in the USA.  We also have an organic collar and leash set (three different colors) made entirely out of eco-friendly bamboo, which is the greenest fiber on earth and naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant!  Also, we do carry harnesses that are soft for the comfort of your dog. wagginggreen


wetnoz2 Style matters to many of us when choosing a new bowl for our companions.  Jett and Monkey's carries bowls and elevated feeders that'll match a modern decor.  In addition, we carry the EatBetter and DrinkBetter bowls that help slow down our doggies from engulfing their food or water.

Grooming Products:

Organic Furbulous Dog Shampoo Jett and Monkey's carries eco-friendly, organic and hemp-based shampoos and conditioners.  We also carry de-shedding and nail-clipping grooming tools.

We also have numerous unique products in the store, including supplements, small dog purses and slings, hair accessories, cards and PoopBags, a 100% biodegradeable poop bag.  Food and treat information can be assessed on the menu above.  Stop in and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect item for your dog! poopbags

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Ph:  (515) 244-4211